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The policies provided here are subject to change at any time without notification.

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IP Address, Cookie information, pages viewed and searched, etc, or users will be automatically stored in servers at the company.

The company will use users information mainly for the following purposes.
・To provide the services stated
・To improve the contents and quality of the service
・As reference for statistical data of service

In the case that doubt or dispute has occured between company and user, matters will be settled sincerly through discussion. If dispite discussion, the problem is not solved, decision will be handed to Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court

The personal information entered into this application will only be used within the boundaries of the application itself, and will not be collected data. Regarding Personal Information Protection, we abide by the following.

G-PRO Co. Ltd. follows the Laws regarding Personal Information Protection updated on 1st April 2005, and is practises the following Privacy Policy conducts. We work out best to ensure the protection of your Personal Information.

【Personal Information Protection Policy】

G-PRO Co. Ltd and related and consigned companies (hereby referred to as G-PRO) acknowledge the importance of User’s Personal Information, and strive to handle it well, as well as providing satisfying information and service. In order for that, we hold ourselves responsible for the following conducts and arrangements.

1.<Customer Protection Management>
G-PRO works to protect Personal Information Protection Law, and any related laws.

2.<Corporate Structure>
In order to protect Personal Information and systems, G-PRO will set strict domestic rules, along with a Personal Information Manager within the Corporate body in order to create a Corporate Structure able to protect Personal Information.

3.<Gathering of Personal Information>
G-PRO will gather Personal Information only after making clear the purpose of use, and with the approval and consent of User.

4.<Use of Personal Information>
With exception of cases appointed by law, G-PRO will never use Personal Information for purposes other than that stated.

5.<Risk Management Measures>
G-PRO will adopt measures in order to carefully manage Personal Information; And to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage of Personal Information.

6.<Internal Training/Education>
G-PRO will thoroughly educate and train employees in the areas of Personal Information Protection, and take measures to increase awareness.

7.<Supervision of Trustees>
G-PRO may sometimes provide Personal Information to third parties in cases required by the law. Third parties provided with information will be obligated to follow procedures, and will be supervised.

8.<Restriction of Provision to A Third Party>
Unless required under the law, G-PRO will never provide Personal Information to Third Parties without the consent of Individual.

9.<Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information>
If the Individual requires a confirmation and/or revision of Personal Information submitted to G-PRO, G-PRO will abide within the regulations of the Law with minimal delay.

G-PRO Co. Ltd.